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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dilla Delight!

The best thing about homemade quesadillas vs. restaurant quesadillas is how much healthier you can make them! When you're out to eat and you order dillas, you get about 4x the necessary amount of cheese, a huge tortilla and very little "stuffing"! My solution? Make them at home, stuff them to the brim, use a smaller tortilla and cut back on the cheese!

For Brett, I had some leftover ground turkey that needed to be used up and for me, I had some black beans in the freezer.

To start, gather up all your "stuffing":

Add whole wheat tortillas, cheese & salsa for dipping:

Combine- don't forget toonly put your toppings on one half so you can fold it over:

Next you need one of these bad boys!

Have no fear if you don't have one, you can just pop them in the oven- works just fine. However, I would highly recommend bringing George into your home!

Put your quesadilla onto the Foreman:

And after a few minutes- ta da!:

Add some leftover salad and some fresh green beans and you're good to go:



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