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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Farm Fresh Frittata

So it turns out that the extra "stuffing" from our quesadillas last  night makes the perfect frittata!  Convenient because I didn't really feel like putting much effort into dinner tonight. In addition, breakfast for dinner is pretty much the best ever.

To construct your own frittata, add your vegetables or meat or whatever you enjoy with your eggs to a large pan with some olive oil:

Season with pepper or cumin or whatever spices you desire. While the veggies are cooking, whisk together  some eggs and milk. I use a combination of eggs and egg whites. The number of eggs you use depends on how thick you want your frittata to be and how many people are eating it!

Add the eggs to the pan, turn the heat to medium and cover the pan:

After 8 minutes or so, check to make sure the eggs are set and remove from heat:

Add toast and cantalope and you've got yourself a lovely dinner:

Sometimes we melt some mexican or pepperjack cheese on top during the last minute or so of cooking, and Brett likes to top his with sour cream and salsa.

Even the dog will wish he had some :)




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