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Friday, September 17, 2010

NYC- Day 3

Hello friends!

Let's start with a couple shots of the spectacular rooftop view we enjoyed last night:

No dog park this morning because of the giant storm last night....but after a quick breakfast:

we did take Jakey up on the roof to play ball in the common area and drink our coffee (yes I did go to starbucks in my pjs and no I did not brush my hair- the hubby told me I looked like a beauty..i'll spare you the picture):

Bretty looks happy doesn't he? And yes, Jake is trying to eat some old ravioli...he also attempted to eat a champagne cork!

Once we got our act together, we headed off to ride the Staten Island Ferry. It was quite an experience. I thought it would be a nice, orderly little boat ride. Instead, it was us and our 1,000 closest friends, all of whom appeared to be in a giant rush to get somewhere and the majority of whom did not believe in wearing deodorant. Once we boarded, we made it to the top deck and the ride itself was quite pleasant. The sun was shining and we saw some cool boats and bridges.

Once we made it back, we took the subway over towards Central Park. We were treated to two subway somewhat acrobatic group of young men doing handstands and flips and a mariachi band.

The hubby and I walked what felt like 19,000 miles in and out of the park and around Manhattan. We saw some interesting things including a cake and shake truck that I wanted to steal, a woman who I first mistook for a statue with a tutu, a squirrel that the French woman next to me described as "C'est magnifique" and some remote controlled sailboats that we opted not to waste spend our money on:

We decided Manhattan was a little too dirty and messy for us so we headed back towards home. We took the subway for a little bit and then walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to get back to DUMBO. Since we hadn't eaten since 9am and it was now almost 4, we wandered around the neighborhood trying to find something to snack on. We ended up at Pedros:

where the hubby inhaled some nachos:

If you need a better view of that gorgeous face, don't forget you can always click on the pictures to make them full-sized :) Once we got home, I opted for a better snack-in my opinion:

Whew...big  day so far. We felt like we really earned our "lunch". Bach has to work for his food as well! Once he eats everything in his bowl, he has to bat around this ball to make pieces of kibble fall out:

It's  tough to be a cat. Next up, tour of the Brooklyn Brewery and dinner!

Brooklyn Brewery opens to the public for a happy hour on fridays. We tried a couple of beers before dinner!

Then we walked another million miles to dinner, which was AWESOME. I was trying to be polite so I didn't take pics, but we had watermelon and heirloom tomato salads, beet and orange salad and seared scallops to start. For dinner we all had fish. Dad had halibut, mom had cod, I had sea bass and Bretty had monkfish. We were all clean platers. Then we had apple crisp and chocolate suffle cake for's the only pic I snapped. It adequately reflects all of the courses:

Ugh, so full. Adios until tomorrow my friends!



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