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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NYC- Day 1

So...the day did not begin in NYC, but our vacation sure did get off to a great start. First of all, we didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn...our flight wasn't until we slept in a bit and then got up and went to breakfast. Remember those First Watch Banana Crunch pancakes I was telling you about yesterday? That's right...this girl had them for breakfast.

There they are, in all their granola-y, almond-y, banana-y glory....DELICIOUS :)

Next, the hubby needed a stylish Great Clips haircut for our big trip, so I popped into Kroger while I was waiting to pick up some last minute travel supplies- which they didn't have- but while I was there, I thought I would just make a quick pit stop and use the facilities, considering I drank about 5 cups of coffee at breakfast. When I walked in, I discovered that a woman had brought her entire cart into the bathroom with her. This is a) not allowed and b) very inconvenient for everyone else, but I ignored it and continued on my way. When I exited the stall, the woman was jostling her cart around trying to make room for me at the sink. Then she looked at me and said (direct quote) "You'll have to excuse my bare bottom, I had a little accident!" She was standing there with no pants on, washing her underwear in the sink. LOVELY.

Next stop, airport. Our flight was right on time and not all that crowded. While we waited, I decided to buy myself a magazine. Instead, I came back with a book of crosswords. It was cheaper than a magazine and I was in the mood to use my brain a bit, so I figured- why not? After we boarded, i discovered this was a BIG mistake. I completed the entire first crossword in approximately 2 minutes. So much for using my brain. BUT THEN...I peeked into my seat pocket, and discovered someone had left me a delightful treat: an issue of People magazine. One of the exact trashy mags I had almost just spent $4 on. And now it was mine...FOR FREE!

Note the stupid crossword puzzle book in the background :( Also, as a general rule, I don't drink pop...the one exception being when I'm on an airplane. For some reason, I always feel compelled to get one, and it's ALWAYS gingerale. So I sipped on some gingerale, ate some peanuts (which I reluctantly shared with the hubby, who was conveniently asleep when the peanut lady came by) and enjoyed my free magazine. I tore out one page (to remind myself to buy the new Sarah Barielles cd!!), did the crossword on the last page, and politely left it in the seat pocket for the next flier.

As we came in for a landing, we had a nice view of Lady Liberty- she's out there...can you see her?:

And of Manhattan:

And we landed safe and sound:

After a slightly terrifying ride home from the airport...(if you know me, you know I have an almost paralyzing fear of driving next to semi-trucks after one almost ran me off a bridge when I first started driving, and that coupled with crazy new york drivers, heavy traffic and small lanes, is enough to elevate my heartrate quite a bit every time we come here!) Anyways...we made it in one piece and immediately went to pick up lunch... Lunch being...drumroll please:

Grimaldi's Pizza...THE BEST pizza i've ever had. SO GOOD!!! Paired with a nectarine and a nice handful of trail mix, it made one of the best lunches ever:

Next up, beers on the roof. It was the perfect afternoon to enjoy some time on the rooftop patio with the pup. If you would like to entertain yourself, try to imagine my dogs on a rooftop deck. First of all, Abner would never even make it up the stairs...and secondly, Tucker would probably fly over the railing after his ball within the first five Jake serves as a well-behaved stand-in for his nephews while we are visiting:

His tail did, however, cause a beer spill- luckily it was the hubby's beer, not mine!

But really? All you need is LOVE:

Isn't my hubby just so HANDSOME?!?!

Later, while someone was doing this:
mom and I went to pick up her share of veggies from the CSA. It was neat to see and they had lots of  pretty vegetables:

The little signs tell you how much you get:

And then you weigh them out on the scale:

They have two sides set up, based on whether you get a full or half share:

And you just go down the row and pick stuff up:

On your way out, there is an exchange bin where you can leave things you don't like and trade them for things in the bucket that you do want. We traded some lettuce for some extra beets:

So there's our day in a nutshell. Tonight, the hubby and I are hitting the town for an early celebration of our 2nd anniversary!!
In closing, I'll leave you with this thought...does it get any more beautiful than this?

I don't think so :)



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