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Sunday, September 19, 2010

NYC- Day 5

Hi Friends-

Like I told you as we were heading out the door, we made our way to the Upper East side to have dinner last night. We ate at a restaurant called Persepolis that served Turkish/Persian food. It was DELICIOUS. I didn't take any pictures, but we had hummus and baba ganoush with pita slices for an appetizer, and for dinner, mom, brett and I had various kinds of kabobs. Mine were salmon. Brett's were chicken and lamb and mom's were beef. Dad had a vegetarian dish with split peas and eggplant. There were four different kinds of rice to choose from: sour cherry, orange and almond, plain or fava bean. We each had a different kind. Everything was delicious and we couldn't eat it all! They gave us complimentary pavlovas for dessert which had honey and pistachio and were also delicious. After dinner, Brett & I took the subway down to Murray Hill to meet a college friend we  hadn't seen in several years. We watched the end of the Auburn vs. Clemson game and then headed to the East Village where stopped at a German bar and then continued on to an NYU bar in Union Square called The Coffeeshop. It was great to catchup and reminisce about college :) Here's us before we headed to dinner:

Today was our last day in NYC. We didn't do a lot but what we did do was lots of fun. We slept in a little bit, then headed over to Manhattan to ride the water taxi to the Mets game:

We passed Riker's Island:

That's a floating barge with more jail cells...the caged part on top is the yard...with basketball courts and stuff. We also went right past LaGuardia and you could see the planes  taking off and landing pretty much right over your head!

We docked right across the street from Citi Field where the Mets were playing the Braves:

We headed over, got some tickets out in left center field (in the  shade!) and enjoyed  most of the game:

The Mets lost but it was still fun to go and check out the new stadium. Plus, through the wonders of Facebook, we discovered that some other Denison alumni were at the game and we were able to pop over, say hi and catch up a little bit which was fun! Our tickets also got us into an air-conditioned club box behind home plate where you couldn't see the game very well but the lines for beer were much shorter!

We caught the subway home and I made dad some of my Almond Butter Snickerdoodles which he was quite happy about :) Soon we're headed to dinner across the street  from the apartment to enjoy our last night here!

I'll leave you with this cuteness :)



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