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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Simple Sunday

Sunday is the best night for simple dinners. After doing school work all morning and running errands all afternoon, we came home starving and I needed to make something quick and easy.

I made some BBQ chicken for the hubby. Tip- cut the chicken breasts in half so they're thinner...they will cook faster!

Season the chicken with paprika and pepper and saute them until cooked.

Brush with BBQ sauce and serve with some balsamic roasted asparagus and veggie pasta!

The veggie pasta was for me. Use whatever you have around. I used a sweet potato, onion, garlic and green pepper. Then I added some swiss chard, chickpeas, noodles and some balsamic vinegar. Then I topped it with a little Italian dressing.

 We also enjoyed some leftover pumpkin knots. 

In other news, I made some more soft pretzels for a get together last night...but this time, I made pretzel bites!

Do everything exactly the same, but after you roll out a section, cut it into 12-14 pieces. Serve with cheese sauce and dig in!!


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